Finding a Memory Care Community: 3 Things to Consider

You’re looking to find memory care for your loved one. You want to find the right memory care community that will provide your loved one with the cognitive stimulation and assistance they need to be comfortable and healthy.

There are many factors to consider, but it is good to know a few basic factors that will contribute to the decision you make about which memory care community is right for your loved one.

1. All the Options

Residents living in memory care communities have access to a variety of features that will ease their symptoms. While many memory care homes share similar features, others differ.

It is important to look for these features when searching for memory care:

  • A secure environment.
  • Alarms installed.
  • 24-hour care.
  • Low Staff to Resident Ratio.

In addition, be sure to consider the needs of your loved one when touring communities. It is best to consult their doctor about what features they require in memory care.

2. What the Staff has to Say

Talk to those who can speak for the community when looking into memory care. Ask the staff at each memory care community how they feel about their jobs. You should also ask them how they feel about their residents. A community’s staff members make or break it, regardless of its features. Make sure the staff is prepared to help residents.

3. Location

You should consider the surrounding area when choosing a memory care community. Your first concern should be the safety of the surrounding area. Accidents can happen even in communities with high-security measures. Does the staff take any measures to prevent residents from wandering off?

It’s also wise to consider how close a memory care community is to your home. Find a community that is close to where you live. Alternatively, you can find one close to your friends and family. Make sure your loved one has someone to come check in on them.

Find the Right Memory Care Community

The process of finding the right memory care for your loved one can be overwhelming. But with these tips, you will find the right care for them.

Our Alzheimer’s neighborhood at West Janisch Health Care Center is completely secure, requiring key pad entry and exit to protect residents from wandering. Residents enjoy their own dining room, activities area and secure outdoor courtyard. Contact us to schedule a free care consultation today!

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